The Lone Star State’s TXU Energy Launches a New Solar Academy


A press conference was held in Cleburne, Texas to kick off the TXU Energy Solar Academy on March 7th. It was well attended by regional and local media with representatives from 3 newspapers, and 2 TV channels. Jim Burke, the TXU Energy CEO, spoke of their commitment to the community and to helping customers of all age groups understand Texas’ energy choices. He was followed by Texas Representative Rob Orr, Mayor Ted Reynolds, Teacher Carol Jenkins, and student Brad Blevins who spoke of the donations impact on local education and the opportunities the information generated will apply.

tvss-bday-035.jpg solar-panel-1.jpg tvss-bday-033.jpg

The TXU Energy Solar Academy will provide a 1 kW solar array to each of 40 school districts across Texas and train up to 40 school teachers at each district on NEEDs solar curriculum. Furthermore, each teacher will receive a Science of Energy kit and a grade-appropriate solar hands-on kit. The TXU Energy Solar Academy website is at You can see what the Cleburne system is doing, and learn more about the program here-

Here’s the full press release.




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